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Jon Sa Trinxa A Documentary Film

Our Office in NYC / NYのシェアオフィス事情

Good morning, folks!

A lot of New Yorkers spend their Saturday mornings at laundromat, and that’s exactly how I’m starting my day today.

Ask me what’s the best BGM to play when you watch your clothes spinning in bubbles?

I would say Jon Sa Trinxa’s mix right here. (duh!)



ぐるぐる回る洋服を見つめながら土曜日の朝にきくジョンのミックスはこちら。 冒頭のミニ動画も合わせてお楽しみください。


Today, I want to introduce my wonderful team and our office in NY!

I established my production company last year, however, I don’t have a office space yet.

Why, you ask?

Because I want to spend every penny available for this movie!

Though, there are times the team need to have meetings or work together.

We rent a space in a shared office in those cases, which has been a trend among many micro business owners and free-lanced individuals!

This time, we went to “We Work”, one of the most popular shared offices in the city.

さて、今日は私たちJon Sa Trinxaムービーチームin NYのメンバーの仕事場をご紹介。

リリーがNYで立ち上げた映像プロダクションPure in the Moon、れっきとした会社ですがオフィスはありません!オフィスレンタル費用でさえも映画資金捻出のためにセーブしています。フリーランスが多い