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Jon Sa Trinxa A Documentary Film

My everyday-life as a director / 映像のお仕事

Good morning, folks!

Film making isn’t easy, and I’m being busy taking care of my day-to-day tasks to support my living and the production!

So today, let me show you what I actually do as a director.

The pros about my job is that I get to work with many individuals from various fields.

In the beginning of this year, I had a chance to interview an architecture, Masayuki Sugano - He is part of NASA’s project to build a house on Mars in 2035.

What an honor!

I rarely say NO to any offers I’m given - from music videos to documentary shows to installations to educational contents!

I’m simply grateful for all the opportunities of video making.

Indeed, director is my true passion.

And that passion has been my fuel to keep myself driving for the past 10 years…and even brought me to NYC all the way from Japan!

One of the memorable achievements I made in NY is starting a new show on Fuji Sankei TV Channel. The title is “Hangout NYC”.

As the title implies, we highlight new trends with eyes of an local in NY in this show.









NYにきて立ち上げた番組が1つあります。名前は「Hangout NYC」





One of the things I’m proud about “Hangout NYC” is its cinematography.

Although this show is aired exclusively on TV and online, we use camera equipments that are often used for films.

Casting the right interviewer is another key to give a depth to the show.

I like the persons that I can feel strong energy and inspirations from. - When you work with the people with authentic passion (just like Jon!), you realize how much they value the sustainability and the beauty of doing what you like.

These are the elements I look for in my film “Jon Sa Trinxa” as well.

Many of us think “Doing what you like” is the life-goal, then you gradually realize it’s only a beginning of a long journey.

That’s exactly the question I want to ask : what’s the view we see after pursuing what you like?




私がJon Sa Trinxa映画で撮りたい「好きのその先、自分のしたいことを追求した未来って?」は、私のクリエイトする成果物に常に反映されています。


There are the “Hangout NYC” episodes that I made recently :


Bushwickのブルワリー <Brewery in Bushwick, Brooklyn>


Bushwickのチョコレート工場 <Chocolate factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn>





P.S. This shot is from when we featured the spiciest curry in NY. The DP and I started crying just by standing in the kitchen, and had to stop filming without a choice! lol

No wonder the chef is wearing the gas mask… Doesn’t it remind you of “Breaking Bad”?


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