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Jon Sa Trinxa A Documentary Film

“Sweet” gift from the other side of the world / イビサからの音、クッキーを添えて

ジョンサトリンサ ミニ動画⑦ Jon Sa Trinxa mini movie

Here’s our 7th mini movie!

This is Yuki, the chef from Gifu in Japan. He has been constantly visiting Ibiza for the past 20 years!

ミニ動画も7本目。イビサに20年以上通い続けている岐阜のシェフ、ユキさん。イビサで偶然お会いしたのですが、彼もJon Sa Trinxaのファンでインタビューに気軽に応じてくれました♪


世界で1つだけのオリジナルイラスト / The one and only artwork by Pilar Garcia

Don’t you love this illustration?

I’m sure many of you has seen his image on our website and social media.

This is painted exclusively for our film by an Ecuadorian illustrator, Pilar Garcia.

I am simply in love with her expression, and this image is now a wallpaper on my phone!

I first contacted her on Facebook to ask to collaborate with us (thanks to the modern technology!), and she made this miracle happen!

Can you see Jon in the center?

Pilar gave close attention to details and this illustration instantly reminds me of the actual view of Ibiza.

She even painted Haruna and myself in here…Let us know if you find us!

こちらの絵は、エクアドル在住のPilar Garciaさんが映画のために特別に書いてくれたスペシャルイラストです。普段からジョンのアートワークを書いている彼女。ジョンを知った当初は、まずこのアートワークに惚れました。ジョンの音楽感をなんて素敵に絵で表現してるんだろうと、自分の携帯の待ち受けにするくらいお気に入りでした。




NZからNYまでクール便で届いた宝物! / Sweet gift from the other side of the world!

My old friend Hira surprised me with a “sweet” gift!

She’s been working hard as a cake maker in New Zealand, and sent me a box full of my favorite sweets! (All Gluten Free!)


This is a picture of me and Hira from 2007…!

Hira was my roommate AND my soulmate when I was studying abroad in China. She was pursuing to be a cake maker and I was pursuing to be a videographer even back then, and we are both still pursuing the same passion 11 years later.

I can feel the love and energy from the sweets Hira made, and can’t be happier about how far we’ve come. Thanks Hira!!









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