Seeyousound in Turin 02/21/2020

It was pleasure time to be in Turin, Italy for #Seeyousound. I really appreciate they chose our , your! film “Born Balearic‘ and to be part of them. Grazie so much. The theater “#CinemaMassimo” is beautiful, having big screen with gorgeous sound system. The film screened with DCP quality, I never seen my film like that huge screen. Seeyousound festival which focus on music and film. Our film was kicking off Seeyousound 2020. The 1st day focused “Ibiza”, It showed “It’s all gone Pete Tong” and “Ibiza -the silent movie-“. All movie packed love for Ibiza. #IbizaTheSilentMovie, Directed by Julian Temple, music director is Fatboy Slim. I was honored we lined up in a same day with them. Because

"Born Balearic" at the Ibizacine Fest 2020

Ibiza The Born Balearic Team is happy to announce that our World Premiere in Ibiza last week was a huge success for everyone involved. With over 200 attendees and a good mix of fans, local press like the Ibizas very own Ibiza Spotlight (find the link to the full article here) As well as the Crew of the Ibiza Sonica Radio with special guest and good friend of Jon Sa Trinxa: Andy Wilson, who has is own Radio Show called "BALEARIA Radio Show", as well as a couple of other featured characters in the movie. The director Lily Rinae was very happy to present her first movie at the Theatro Espana in Santa Eularia, Ibiza. A new beginning After finishing the movie last year, the Team started reaching


Hello folks!! Here's another exciting news to share with you all:) THERE IS ANOTHER SCREENING IN ITALY...!!!! こんにちは! 先日2月5日のイビザの映画祭、Ibizacinefestでは200人もの方々が来場してくれ、大盛況のうちに試写会を終えることができました。 そして今回のお知らせは… イタリアの新勢国際映画祭、SEEYOUSOUNDSでの上映が決定いたしました!! Date: 02/21/2020 Time: 16:30 Place: CINEMA MASSIMO - SALA 1, TORINO Book the ticket from here! For more details, visit their website here! One of the thing we are excited is that our movie is the leadoff hitter for the festival!!! Furthermore, our screening is also followed by other documentaries about Ibiza and music so you can enjoy Ibiza vibes though the night:) そしてなんと映画祭のトップバッターとして上映されます!! また同日は同じくイビザと音楽をテーマにしたドキュメンタリーも上映されます。 ぜひ、トリノでイビザバイブスを♪ Who is

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