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Jon Sa Trinxa A Documentary Film

A view of Surrealism

We are making a documentary about Jon Sa Trinxa and the community around him infused with the spirit of surrealism I've found each time I've visited Ibiza.

Surrealism is not an exploration of a wholly separate reality, but of a version of reality that is intertwined with the everyday.

There is no clear border between our world and a surrealist's. They overlap everywhere the inexplicable leaks into the mundane; when waking life feels like a dream; when the path we walk every morning becomes shaded with the mystical; when for an instant we don't recognize ourselves in the mirror.

For a surrealist, there isn't a boundary between sanity and insanity, or between normal and weird, or between the self and the world.

私たちが作るJon Sa Trinxaのドキュメンタリーは、イビサに取り巻くシュルレアリスムの要素も巻き込んでいきます。イビサに訪れるたびに、見えてきた現実の延長線上にある超現実。




Jon’s Surrealism

Jon's music is full of entrances to the surreal, and it always reminds me of the impact the surreal can have on our lives.

His sounds are layered and mixed from so many influences at once, and they ebb and flow from places scattered across our subconscious. They are like a memory we can't quite place. His unique alchemy makes musical non-sequiturs feel logical, and songs we've heard a thousand times feel strange to our ears. Every transition feels like impossible coincidence, like deja vu experienced with a hundred other people under the sun or moon.

And the amazing thing is that Jon's personal story reflects these same elements. The incredible twists and turns of luck he found on his way to Sa Trinxa -- burglaries, car crashes, boxes of vinyl in an old van -- are at once impossible to believe and also totally sensible when he tells them.

Jon's music isn't something separate from himself or his story, it's an extension of those things. They flow out of him simpler than gravity. Jon Sa Trinxaの音楽を聞いていると、目の前の風景がふっと、いつものビーチではなく、未知の喜びを呼び起こす空間へ変貌します。そしてこの感覚は、シュルレアリスムが私たちの生活と隣り合わせであるということのサイン。

彼の音楽は、様々な影響の元にレイヤー化、ミックスされ、私たちの潜在意識に散らばる何か特定できない心覚を引き出します。 ジョンにしかできない錬金術は、不合理で論理的に説明できず、何千回も聞いたことのある音楽でさえも彼がプレイすると違って聞こえます。聞いている我々の記憶をくすぐるミックスは、ただの偶然だけでは説明できず、まるでデジャビュのような経験が太陽や月明かりの下のビーチで、数多く訪れる人々に共鳴します。



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