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Jon Sa Trinxa A Documentary Film


Hello our friends!

It's been while since our last post... Don't worry, we are in big progress;)

Therefore, we've got such an exciting news to share with you all!

The new film festival season is just started and we are honoured to announce that our film is selected at "IBIZACINEFEST 2020"!!

しばらく更新が途絶えていましたが… とても嬉しいニュースがやってきました!

なんと私たちの映画がイビザの映画祭"IBIZACINEFEST 2020"にて上映されることが決定しました!我々にとって”初”の映画お披露目の機会となります。。

There will be our VERY FIRST SCREENING on February 5th Wednesday, 2020 from 8:30PM at the Teatro Espana (Ibiza). Our Director Lily Rinae will attend and have a Q&A session to answer all your questions.

2月5日水曜日、the Teatro Espana映画館にて8:30PMから上映開始です。


Here's more information for the film festival:

How grateful news this is for us..

Ibiza is where has been bringing us a spirit for this documentary film.

It's where everything started.

Our staffs are all appreciated to be part of the film festival in Ibiza, and we are also (and absolutely) proud of our film!


Come to visit us at our first screening in February!

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