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Jon Sa Trinxa A Documentary Film

All Film Crew arrived!

Hi Everyone,

Today, our film crew all arrived Ibiza.

Lily arrived last week and I had lost luggage for three day.

Only the item with me is drone and camera, sound equipment.

It was tough thought.

3days later, my luggage safely back to me, yeah!!

3days ago, Haruna join me :)

Lily's crush strawberry leche.

(just I do not have mixer)

Many Equipment from NYC. I almost have 25TB memories for keep our footages.

Also we could not forget C plug! USA and Europe is different adapter.

Today, Gabe,cinematographer and Trevor,sound engineer land to Ibiza, yeah!!

I was staying Dalt Vila in friend's apartment.

Now we move to our apartment!

Our home is in the east side of Ibiza, must can shoot great Sunrise.





三日前に到着したハルナ↑ 全メンバーが集まるまでは友人のアパートにステイしていたので、城壁の中でした。夜はオレンジのランプを石畳が琥珀色に染め上げます。


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