Jon always says "cross your fingers!" and sends me good vibes! Speaking of good vibes, let me introduce the heartfelt messages I received from my friends during the crowdfunding project! I wouldn't be who I am today without them, and honestly can't appreciate enough for their support! ジョンはよく両手でピースを作ります。クロスフィンガーといって、日本でいう指切りげんまん。そう!私たちの人生は出会いと運命、ピースに満ち溢れています。 今回はキャンプファイヤーをするにあたり、ご協力いただいた方、応援頂いただいた方を一部紹介させてください。プロジェクト終了まで2日前となり、いろんな人の顔が脳内をよぎります。メッセージくれた方、シェアしてくれた方、支援いただいた方、アドバイスもらいにいった方、映画について教えてくれた方、感謝してもしてもしたりないです。 杉本博司さん、相原玄さん、森山法子さん NY新参者、そして若手の私たちにアートとは?の機会を教えてくださりました。マンハッタンにあるナショナルアートクラブにて。ウディ・アレンもいたそう! 山中直子(ファンキー)さん&Saya Yoshizakiさん NYと東京の時差を超えて、いつも励ましてくれました!!深夜に連絡しても土日にメールしてもASAPで返信く

Love, from Brooklyn / ブルックリンからの音

Good morning, friends! The wether in NY has been really beautiful for the past few days. Time did fly, and we only have 3 days left before our crowdfunding project ends. I tried two sets of projects - one in the US and one in Japan- and we had total of 105 days to raise the budget for this film. Honestly, It felt like a LONG LONG journey. Although we haven’t even started filming the main segment yet, I’ve been through so much to get where I am now. Everything started last year from scratch, and I spent a lot of money from my saving + a countless amount of time, all in the hope to have this film come out in the best way possible. It’s not easy to face myself and build up ideas, but the most c

“Sweet” gift from the other side of the world / イビサからの音、クッキーを添えて

ジョンサトリンサ ミニ動画⑦ Jon Sa Trinxa mini movie Here’s our 7th mini movie! This is Yuki, the chef from Gifu in Japan. He has been constantly visiting Ibiza for the past 20 years! ミニ動画も7本目。イビサに20年以上通い続けている岐阜のシェフ、ユキさん。イビサで偶然お会いしたのですが、彼もJon Sa Trinxaのファンでインタビューに気軽に応じてくれました♪ 世界で1つだけのオリジナルイラスト / The one and only artwork by Pilar Garcia Don’t you love this illustration? I’m sure many of you has seen his image on our website and social media. This is painted exclusively for our film by an Ecuadorian illustrator, Pilar Garcia. I am simply in love with her expression, and this image is now a wallpaper on my phone! I first contacted her on Facebook to ask to collaborate with us (thanks to the modern technolog

My everyday-life as a director / 映像のお仕事

Good morning, folks! Film making isn’t easy, and I’m being busy taking care of my day-to-day tasks to support my living and the production! So today, let me show you what I actually do as a director. The pros about my job is that I get to work with many individuals from various fields. In the beginning of this year, I had a chance to interview an architecture, Masayuki Sugano - He is part of NASA’s project to build a house on Mars in 2035. What an honor! I rarely say NO to any offers I’m given - from music videos to documentary shows to installations to educational contents! I’m simply grateful for all the opportunities of video making. Indeed, director is my true passion. And that passion h

Made in Ibiza & Brooklyn! / イビサとブルックリンで作った木のアート作品

This is our original wooden picture panel that’s exclusively made for the crowdfunding project. リターン商品「限定ウッドプリント」を紹介します。 This is called "wood paint", and the picture is directly printed on a piece of wood. It’s 0.6 inches thick, and you can see the beautiful wood grain on the surface. If you actually hold it in your hands, you can feel how substantial it is. This is a picture taken by our DP, Gabe Harden, with his analog Minolta camera. Last year we went to Ibiza together to grab some shots and pictures, and we selected 4 of our favorites to have them printed on the wood panel! (We are lucky to have such a neat printing plant in our neighborhood of Brooklyn!) こちらの写真は、リターン商品の1つ「ウッドペイント」の実物です。

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